The rising tide of automation and AI threatens to leave you behind.

Discover the transformative ways to leverage these technologies for client acquisition and stay in front of this fast moving trend.

The Selling Approach That Everyone Wants

The It’s time to reinvent business relationships by marrying a timeless selling formula with AI technology. We leverage the age-old Relationship-Based Selling approach: Make Friends, Talk Shop, Do Business, and enhance it with our AI-powered Golden Quadrant model.

This model identifies potential clients at critical stages of their buying journey: Interest, Trigger Event, Buying Intent, and Unique Offer. Our goal is to create a sales environment with zero pressure or rejection, making selling superfluous. We aim to conduct business authentically, in line with the evolving expectations of our clients.

Client Acquisition Simplified

Combines traditional Relationship-Based Selling with AI-powered data analysis, called The Golden Quadrant, to identify those with buying intent, which will  result in consistent and predictable accelerated sales growth for your business.

B2B Email Marketing

Create qualified sales opportunities by sending personalized, relevant emails to prospects who know you.

 Consistently nurturing through email increases visibility and sales opportunities. 

Client Acquisition Services

These services include campaign simulation to optimize the key aspects of your campaign to ensure its success, before it goes live.

And one-on-one consulting after launch.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Jean-Michel Tournier

“Ed is the go-to-guy for everything Email related. Thanks to him, my cold emails ALWAYS get delivered to the Inbox and my open rate ranges between 50% and 60%!.

 His amazing copy writing which generates top tier engagement; an understanding of the up-to-date and ever changing technology to ensure optimum deliverability of our emails.”

LinkedIn Trainer

Dave Lorenzo

“When I met Ed, my weekly email had a 15% open rate (on a good day). I had not sourced a new client from my email list in over six months. Fast forward to today – one year after beginning my work with Ed, I now have an open rate north of 60%, and I regularly source 3-5 new clients per month from my email list. I highly recommend working with Ed Forteau.”

The Godfather of Growth

Lachie Houlahane

“Ed has simply mastered strategic marketing and email selling. His extensive knowledge is endless and he is continually looking for ways to deliver maximum value to his clients. He has helped us to boost our email deliverability number over 95% and our open rate has increased by about 35%! I couldn’t recommend working with Ed enough!”

Head of Brand Marketing

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