Over 82% of websites will be penalized for slow loading speed by Google in 2020.

​Is Yours one of them?

Find out if your site passes the Google site speed test.

It's The Most Overlooked Part of Your Online Marketing And It's Costing You Business

How fast your website loads is the most important part of your online marketing. Everyone is used to websites loading instantly, and if your website loads slow your visitors will go to your competitor's websites. Every second counts. Check out the statistics:

As page load time goes from:
1s to 3s the probability visitors will abandon your site increases 32%
1s to 5s the probability visitors will abandon your site increases 90%
1s to 6s the probability visitors will abandon your site increases 106%
1s to 10s the probability visitors will abandon your site increases 123%
And 79% will never come back!
Source: Google

Social Media Services

Social Media done right should bring you customers and make you money. We have several service that will accomplish that goal.

Video Promotion

Video is the fastest growing marketing method online. Our digital video ads routinely outperform the average digital video ad by over 500%.

Digital Advertising

Timing is everything...especially true in advertising. Put your message in front of your best prospects—at the time they are ready to buy. 

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Kevin Paschke

"We hired Ed for SEO and reputation management. His stellar efforts have led to us getting the first phone call when our customers are looking for our niche services and equipment."

Marketing & Operations Manager

Ashley Steel

"Ed provided great expertise in setting up a targeted social media ad campaign. He reviewed previous campaigns and then designed a new, exceptionally successful campaign. He was a pleasure to work with."


Leon Altman

"His strategic direction and guidance is deeply insightful and comes from a place of long experience and extensive expertise. He knows how to steer you toward big profits and away from dangers."

Owner/Founder Altman Communications

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