ed forteau

Ed Forteau is the founder of Edforteau.com,
a digital Marketing agency and consulting firm

For over 28 years, I've been a marketing and sales coach/mentor/advisor. I've worked with every type of small business you can imagine...and a few you probably didn't know existed.

Working with small business owners has been my greatest professional joy. Over the last three decades, I've worked hand-in-hand with small business owners, producing results and having fun. If you've ever interacted with me personally, you know what I mean.

I grew up in the small Midwestern town of Xenia, Ohio. The small business community thrived, and family businesses passed from one generation to the next.

Xenia's claim to fame was the tornado that wiped out half of the town in 1973. The town rebuilt, but was never the same. Regional and national companies came into town during the reconstruction, as many small businesses struggled to rebuild. By the time I left for college, many of the small businesses we shopped at were gone. They were unable to compete with their larger competitors—and their big budgets.

I graduated from college with an engineering degree and worked for a Fortune 500 Company, but in my spare time, I learned everything I could about marketing and sales. I never forgot what happened to the small business community in my hometown, and I wanted to give small local and family businesses a fighting chance against their larger competitors...so I started calling on small businesses and sharing what I'd learned.

I wasn't received with open arms. A lot of what I shared with small business owners was new, and different. For most, I was the first marketing consultant to ever call on them. Paying for ideas seemed foreign to them. Over time, I picked up enough clients to make being a small business advisor my full-time gig.

Over the years, I worked with thousands of small business owners, and made a real difference. A few years ago, I realized what I was providing wasn't enough—small businesses needed affordable, high quality digital marketing services if they were going to compete in the 21st century.

I founded Win/Win Professional Marketing & Sales Association, which provides sales training and digital advertising services. Wandering Media Group, which is a content marketing, social media, and video promotion agency. Click It Magazine, our digital magazine offering online marketing advice for small businesses. Messaging Marketing Mentor, which focuses on using Artificial Intelligence for sales, marketing, and customer service. Ok, Let's Talk Business, our TV Show, which will premiere in January of 2019. Find them all under the banner of EdForteau.com

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