B2B Email Marketing


Cold Email Outreach

This can be highly effective, if you research the prospect and send a short email sequence that is highly relevant to their needs. High volume, non-specific cold email outreach is no longer effective.

Warm Email Outreach

This is the most effective method of email outreach. Emails go out to prospects who know who you are (from social media interactions, after visiting your website, etc.).


In the section Client Acquisition Simplified (link), we have identified someone that has interest. We can use different data sources for identifying them. We don’t know when interest is going to turn into a trigger event. This is the advantage of email over social media.

6-7.5% Vs 97-100%


Only 6-7.5% of posts are shown in the feed of your 1st level connections (or target connections). If posts don't show up in their feed, they can't be seen. 

The challenge with depending too heavily on Social Media Platforms is when a trigger event does occur with someone that has interest, it is unlikely your post will be seen at that critical time, and you will lose that sales opportunity to someone else.


If you have good email deliverability, 97-100% of your emails will be delivered and seen. The reason you want to incorporate email in the nurture form is that it consistently keeps you in front of the prospect that has demonstrated that they have interest in your area of expertise…so that when their trigger event occurs, and they are ready to buy, you are there for them to reach out to.

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