Client Acquisition Simplified

The Situation

Cynicism is at an all-time high; trust is at an all-time low. It appears that the economy is slowing. The combination of all three causes people to be hyper-cautious.

To clear this high hurdle of low trust/high cynicism, we go back to a formula that has been used for centuries (millenia!) for building relationships that lead to doing business.

The Relationship-Based Selling Formula:
Make friends >> Talk shop >> Do business (when/if it’s appropriate)

We combine this with what we call The Golden Quadrant (account-based, data-driven marketing model powered by AI), which identifies four phases of a prospect's journey:

Interest >> Trigger Event >> Buying Intent >> Unique Offer

Interest = The prospect has demonstrated an interest in the area we specialize in.

Trigger Event = Interest has evolved into an active, or pending, problem they are looking to solve.

Buying Intent = They are now looking for help to resolve the problem.

Unique Offer = They are looking for the right deal for them (certainty of a solution and favorable terms).

This one key addition (The Golden Quadrant) to a tried-and-true sales approach (Relationship-Based Selling) has resulted in a sales breakthrough.

We identify the right people, at the right time, and approach them in the right way to fast track the selling cycle.

Example: Imagine you sold Ferraris, and you were at an alumni gathering where everyone there had a fascination with Ferraris…and could afford to buy one. You need only strike up a conversation with anyone there. Bring up the topic of Ferrari. And at some point in the conversation, casually mention you are a Ferrari dealer. The other person would drive the conversation (so to speak) toward a sale.

The tried-and-true, casual Make Friends, Talk Shop, Do Business, with the addition of The Golden Quadrant (using data aggregation and AI to put the perfect prospect in front of you) makes selling superfluous.

Zero sales pressure. And zero rejection. It is the new way in which people want to do business.

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