How Much Money Would You Lose If Google Classifies Your Website as
Too Slow in 2021?

If you have a slow loading website, Google will first redirect all visitors to a warning page, asking the visitor if they want to continue.

The ramifications of this will be devastating to a high percentage of local business owners. Currently, 82% of local websites will be negatively impacted by this.

It will affect your pay per click advertising campaigns, your search engine rankings, and anyone trying to reach your site directly.

Why is Google doing this?

Because they are obsessed with providing the best user experience for their customers. Their obsession is the reason why they control over 90% of the search market...and 70% of people use the Chrome Browser.

What will this slow loading site label look like?

This is what has been proposed at the Google Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco:

Find Out Your Site Speed

Google is already grading, and categorizing, websites based on loading speed.

You can see how Google currently grades and categorizes your site here:

Here is a link to determine how long your visitors are waiting for your site to load on all browsers:

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